Trump comparisons to Hitler are tired, refuted

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It’s quite the privilege seeing such lofty intellectuals opining in The Creemore Echo. 

Mr. Wiggins’ points on President Trump are so tired. Numerous people have already rebuked and rebutted them. 

His is a mere self-aggrandizing effort, allying himself with a biased Canadian media landscape, shouting anti-Trump rhetoric, invoking hatred and violence towards him and his supporters. 

After all, if Trump is Hitler, as Mr. Wiggins says, how are good Canadians to respond? If he is truly as evil as he presents him to be, then surely we are compelled to action. 

By extension, it is his implication that we should meet the Trump supporters with the same force and violence that we did with the Nazis some 78 years ago. What do we do with the many millions of Americans and Canadians that support him? 

These are people of all genders, races, religions and income levels. 

First, should we silenced their speech? Then send mobs to their homes to intimidate them? Put them in camps or just eliminate them as all Nazis deserve? 

The timing of Mr. Wiggins’ call to arms was impeccable as we neared the centenary of the armistice of the First World War. 

He should be ashamed of himself. He should broaden his perspective and at the very least attempt to find empathy and a common humanity with those with whom he disagrees politically.

R. J. Inglis,


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