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As a long time resident of Creemore I enthusiastically support the proposed design of Creemore’s Village Green. The community groups, the Foundation, the Build Team and PFS Studios have created a park that is modern, peaceful and visionary. The new park will have larger open lawn areas than the existing park. It will include pathways that invite people in from Mill Street, to and from the Station, Foodland and Caroline Street. The Horticultural Society will be able to preserve their gorgeous plantings and trees so that we can all enjoy them in both sun and shade.

I invite people to reach out to the members of the Build Team if they need help interpreting the concept drawings. PFS Studios are experts in their field and I trust them explicitly to create a unique public space that reflects our values and heritage.

This is an opportunity for Creemore and I thank the foundation for their forward thinking and generosity.

MK Lynde,



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