Village Green faces delays, splash pad approval pending

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It has taken a little longer than expected to get permits in place for the Village Green project, said proponent Stuart Lazier, a founding member of the Creemore Community Foundation.
“We were hoping to be under construction by early August but the municipality came back with a number of requests, which are all reasonable, but we needed to answer them so our consultants are working now to get answers to those questions and we expect to have our final submissions for permits [by Friday] for final review,” said Lazier. “We would expect within a maximum of a week – assuming there are no other requests for information that we should have our permit organized and be able to proceed with construction.”
The permits will cover the three buildings included in the plan – the stage, storage shed and pump house.
Lazier said the pandemic has also caused some delays all around but, if all goes to plan, that construction could begin at the beginning of September.
“Our goal is still to get as much done this year as we can. We’re hopeful we’ll be able to get most of the hardscape done this year and then the planting will be done in the spring,” said Lazier, adding the hope is for an opening in late spring.
A detailed technical plan for the proposed splash pad will be going back to council for review and possible approval. It will cover the mechanical design, water quality assurance and maintenance strategy.
In June, Clearview council approved the overall design of the park situated between Mill Street and Station on the Green, where the former Creemore branch of TD Bank once stood. At that time council and staff did not have sufficient time to review the splash pad proposal.
“We just have to make sure that the water treatment for the splash pad is compatible with the water for the fountain,” said Lazier.
In relocating the fountain, the Foundation has committed to improving the water treatment system, with Lazier said is quite elaborate and expensive.
He said fundraising continues to be strong and will continue in the fall and into the spring, when the hoarding art will be auctioned off.

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