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The Clearview Council’s approval of the Creemore Village Green Project and Creemore Community Foundation Agreements at the Oct. 7 council meeting means that the Creemore Community Foundation and TD Bank have the approval required to close the donation and transfer of the bank lands to the Foundation. The anticipated closing date is on or before the end of October.
Following the council approval, the Foundation announced the hiring of First Step Building Consultants to be project manager. Owner Abbey Scott, Collingwood native and resident, explained that her firm will “provide help with any first steps in construction, e.g., tendering, estimating, permits, contracts, liaisons between all parties, and project management.”
With the assistance of Scott, the Foundation will be submitting within the next two weeks the application to the Township for the demolition of the bank building and hiring a local contractor to do this work.
However, before demolition can occur, trees remaining on the site throughout the construction period must first be protected against damage. In addition, the plants, shrubs, and trees in the Creemore Horticultural Society’s current garden beds must be relocated to a site where they will be safe-guarded during the construction period, now planned to be completed by fall 2020. Clearview Nursery crews are currently building holding beds on vacant township land behind the Creemore Library. Hill ‘N Dale Landscaping will transfer the plant materials to their temporary home by the end of the first week in November.
The concept design presented by Jennifer Nagai to the community at the Sept. 22 public meeting received widespread community approval for incorporating constructive public comments on prior designs. Community approval was evidenced in several ways: 1) a formal vote by the Hort Society gave 83 per cent approval by the voters to the design; 2) a poll of BIA members indicating 81 per cent of BIA respondents believe the proposed Village Green will aid in the beautification of Creemore; 3) public participation by several new and long-term residents at the council meeting; and 4) feedback submitted to Sass Dempsey, communications coordinator for the Build Team.
With community approval in hand, Nagai and PFS Studio will proceed with the detailed design development of the Sept. 22 concepts.
Information about the Village Green is available to the community at
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