Vote, and vote with care

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In politics, as in most aspects of life, there is an inherent resistance to facts. 

When faced with reality, our rulers, whether in the Federal Cabinet or Township Council, tend to fall back on personal prejudices.

It might be a fable they have clung to since childhood, church, club or family affiliations, the “old boy’s” network, you-scratch-my-back trading, or some other notion that will influence their choice. Corruption isn’t necessarily limited to lining one’s pocket. 

Then there’s sheer mental laziness; it’s much easier simply to defer to a report by staff, who have their own biases, than to think for oneself. 

This activity, or lack of it, is paid for by our taxes.

So we must all vote, and vote with care.

Allan Wargon,


Correction: The Echo apologizes for misstating in a Sept. 28 letter that the Wargon residence is located in Mulmur.

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