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Yes, 2020 sucked. To this year we say, don’t get a paper cut as we flip the page on the calendar. Good riddance and all that.
Although it’s safe to say we are hoping for a little predictability in 2021, we can’t help but see how Creemore has real potential to emerge from the pandemic, stronger and better than ever.
If we are cognisant of not slipping back into our old ways, the community can maintain and build on some of the cohesiveness that has developed during the year – community support, shopping locally and connecting with those far away. We know from our own new and improved habits and trends in stationery, that people are writing letters and sending packages this year because they can’t visit. It is a wonderful thing to receive a handwritten note or a little something in the mail.
People are also shopping locally like never before. Not only is it unappealing to travel if it isn’t absolutely necessary, but shopping in Creemore during the pandemic has been by far the most pleasant experience. There have been line-ups but they have been well managed and the people queuing up are often quite courteous. There have been many trips to big box stores that have resulted in people turning around, deciding to shop in Clearview.
We hope that in 2021 we can resurrect many of the local events we love, or initiate new ones. The truth is that the pandemic has given volunteer organizations a bit of a break, and a chance to reassess their operations. Creemore was built on volunteerism but we were experiencing a bit of burn-out. Everyone wanted to come out to the party but the hosts were getting a little tired of doing the heavy lifting and worrying about garbage cans.
We are all terribly sick of the word “unprecedented” but it works if we apply it to the future when we hope to see unprecedented rejuvenation of community spirit, renewal and participation.
There are a lot of new people in the community, and more on the way. They are most welcome and we hope they bring new energy and an appreciation for what has happened in Creemore over the last two or three decades to make the village what it is today. Some of you won’t remember when there were no gourmet restaurants and lovely cafes. Knowing how far we have come changes one’s perspective.
We feel very fortunate to call this place home. To be able to work here – especially now that more people are working from home – and to be surrounded by a beautiful landscape, with an extensive trail network to explore.
At the risk of sounding too positive about the pandemic, we know it has been hard and we have done our fair share of grumbling, jaw clenching, and even some crying, but when we examine the outcomes of this past year there have been some unforeseen positives. We are clinging to those hoping they propel us into a New Year full of social gatherings and a renewed sense of community.

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