What symbolizes Creemore?

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In a couple of weeks, Clearview Township council members will be asked to make a contribution to a time capsule.

They are challenged with selecting something that is symbolic of their ward for the year of 2017. The mayor and deputy mayor are asked to contribute an item each that is symbolic of Clearview as a whole.

Not an easy task.

We asked ward councillor Thom Paterson what he had in mind and he said he was open to suggestions.

The obvious choice for Creemore Ward 5, is a can of beer, no? Creemore Springs Brewery, which has undoubtedly had a huge impact on the village and the vibrancy of its main street, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, so the timing is perfect.

Trust us, Thom, there’s is no shame in showing up to a council meeting with a pint of beer.

We put it to you, our faithful readers, what one object defines Clearview and its individual wards?

Let us know what you think and we will share some of your suggestions.

Council members will be asked to contribute their items to the time capsule during a Dec. 11 ceremony. The capsule will be sealed and kept at town hall, for now, instead of being buried.

The time capsule was proposed as part of the municipality’s Canada 150 events and the plan is to open it every 25 years to add items.

We only hope The Creemore Echo is still around in 25 years to report on the state of the pint, either aged to 40 proof or having been consumed long ago by a town hall employee after a particularly stressful day at the office.

Send your comments to [email protected] and 3 Caroline St. W, L0M 1G0, or comment online at www.Creemore.com and Facebook/thecreemoreecho.

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