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Here’s a challenge to the new council members of Clearview.

There is a need in Creemore for laboratory facilities, where necessary medical tests can be done. At one time Creemore had that service available. We know Creemore would not initially assume the same service Stayner provides (lab open three days per week for several hours). 

Creemore could start small with perhaps one day of availability. 

This writer has been told that when an attempt was made to discontinue the Stayner lab, the people resisted and the lab remained. 

We read in the Oct. 19 edition of The Creemore Echo that as part of the Alliance development two interesting items are proposed:

Alliance will pay to a community foundation $100,000; 2. They will pay $500 per unit to the medical centre involuntary assistance after the completion of Phase 1.

We realize these are not a fait accompli. 

We realize too that money can be found for worthwhile projects such as laboratory facilities in Creemore. 

Again, the challenge to council: Please help to provide your constituents with improved healthcare by addressing this need. 

Perhaps Thom Paterson, Creemore council rep, could take this on. And a reminder to Creemore Echo readers, one voice (mine) may not do much to accomplish change. It can be like a “voice crying in the wilderness”. More voices would help. 

Billie Power, 



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