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The Creemore Cats group has been working diligently over the years to reduce the number of abandoned companion cats in the village (over 250+ cats). In particular, Karlin Roat has been diligent in safely live trapping the cats and then taking them to the OSPCA in Barrie to be neutered or spayed.

This takes a lot of time and money. She and many other volunteers care for the animals after surgery and monitor colonies daily to make sure the cats are fed, sheltered and healthy.

Creemore Cats has raised funds for this over the years by hosting Zumba parties, raffles, begging from their friends and neighbours and staffing the charity coffee booth at the Creemore Farmers’ Market.

But it takes a lot of cupcake sales to raise sufficient funds. Creemore cats received a grant from council for several years and were most grateful for the support.

Last year Sonya Reichel, Executive Director of the GTHS made a presentation to Clearview Council for funds to tackle this problem. Council substantially supported their program to help stop unwanted litters from becoming a community responsibility. Now cats and kittens can get spayed or neutered in Clearview at local, participating veterinary clinics. This saves the transportation to Barrie’s OSPCA.

I am personally appreciative of council’s generosity and happy that slowly but surely the abandoned cat population is being reduced, and my problem was addressed.

A big thank you to council is in order.

Juliana Bryant (whose property seems to be the village playground for cats),


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