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On Saturday afternoon, protestors outside the local MPP’s office in Stayner, basically blocked the north side of the street that also fronts the local funeral home.

They were chanting loudly, clapping loudly, basically a nuisance while a family, yes, a family was inside the funeral home saying goodbye to their loved one.

For the service across the street, the hearse was required, yet partially surrounded by these loonie troglodytes.

Zero respect for the family. And zero respect for your cause if you need to intimidate seniors in emotional distress.

Oh and, if you’re so concerned about the environment, perhaps pick up the signs, coffee cups and other detritus left behind.

Dave Witzke,


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  • Xan

    Mr Witzke, with people facing the other way, it’s the few that can see and hear behind them that got through to the ones in front and we moved once we knew about the funeral. A rally takes a LOT of effort to organize and the issue is gravely important. You are no stranger to protesting yourself: If you were up front speaking to council, would you be aware of the people behind you noticing something you were not aware of? Do you make a habit of making people aware of shortcomings all humans possess by grossly labelling them? ‘Loonie troglodytes’, indeed! Your comment has the effect of ‘driving towards a wall while arguing about who’s in the driver’s seat’! I never drink or eat in the streets and I remember feeling compassion for the funeral as soon as I knew (I was facing the other way absorbing content and filming: When a sacred event is indoors, it is NOT apparent that a rally could be disruptive! The group moved as soon as brains shifted attention from the rally speeches to the funeral. I’m sorry on behalf of all us if we were intrusive to people honouring a loved one’s passing across the street. I cannot speak to the litter comment, but I can see why that would upset you. There were cars honking in support of the rally, but I’m sure it was not out of ‘zero respect’ for the funeral. The same goes for the attendees at the rally.

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