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The new Clearview Sustainability Network got down to work last week hashing out climate action items that can be tackled at the municipal level.

About 60 people met last Wednesday at Station on the Green in Creemore, eager to localize climate solutions.

The Clearview Sustainability Network has defined itself as an inclusive and optimistic citizen- led group bringing together diverse members of our community to help our local government adapt and evolve in the face of a changing climate.

Laurel Hood, a new Clearview resident, shared her experiences and successes working with the Collingwood Climate Action Team. She was the lead on the transportation file and said she believes the team had a positive impact on improving trails and making plans to electrify buses.

“A group like this can have a great influence on what a town can do,” said Hood. “You do need to get government on board.”

She encouraged the group and the municipality to tap into available resources to make positive changes.

Hood said it has been shown that when a municipal council starts to make moves toward climate action it can inspire the residents to make changes, such as adding solar panels and chosing electric vehicles.

She said climate action groups can also support local government by researching initiatives and bringing forward proposals, educating residents and fostering support for good ideas that are supported by council, when the time comes.

Stating that 65 per cent of small municipalities do not have a climate action plan, she said, “We are not alone.”

“Humans can be remarkably resistant to change. In my experience, that’s the only barrier,” said Hood. “The transition is the hardest part… everything we need for the transition exists in the world right now. We just need to embrace the change and getgoing… We are are late to the party but it is absolutely still worth the effort.”

During an exercise, participants were asked to write down local climate action items on colourful sticky notes and post them on the wall. Topics were organized into categories including building and development, infrastructure, education, business, single-use plastics and waste, transportation and agriculture. Participants were then divided up into working groups to discuss the topics and decide if they wished to continue working on that file. Most tables had total buy in to continue the work outside of the session.

Three members of Clearview Township council were in attendance, as well as CAO John Ferguson who confirmed that climate will be one of the priorities identified in the Strategic Plan review currently underway along with housing and transportation.

“This has been a very encouraging session,” said Mayor Doug Measures. “We have have been doing a lot of great things. We are doing everything within our ability right now.”

The addition of solar panels, LED lights, in addition to 20 electric vehicle chargers and an electric ice surfacing machine on order are examples of climate initiatives.

“We have been doing a lot of things in our township and we do want to do more,” said Measures.

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