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As a new resident, Conor Loftus is offering his services as a creative director and content strategist to his new community in Creemore, where he spent a lot of time visiting family in his youth.

In his current role, Loftus is a Creative Services Specialist at TD Insurance, and has launched Spooky Light Studios as a side project. A creator working in video, animation, graphic design, and web design, Loftus says he would be happy to work with local businesses and organizations that need help creating online content.

“The world is changing as to how we consume video content,” said Loftus.

He has observed that the consumer is getting to be quite savvy and knows when someone is trying to sell them something. They respond better to content that tells a story about the business or organization and the people behind it.

His approach is to help create an identity, distill it into a platform and execute a complete visual package. Rather than offer pre-defined packages, Loftus said he likes to start with a consultation to learn about the client and go from there.

“It is a matter of changing the lens on how they are presenting things to make it more effective,” said Loftus.

As to the name of the business, the studio is named after the ‘Spooky Light’ – a flashing light at an intersection in Toronto – that inspired pranks and was the setting for a failed zombie film that Loftus made while taking a minor in film at University of Toronto. He said the name just stuck and he likes that it’s both guiding and ominous.

Loftus offers a mobile service and prefers to create content on location, taking advantage of the beautiful backdrops in the area.

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