Survey says people trust The Echo and use it to stay connected

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During The Creemore Echo’s 2024 subscription drive we asked the community to participate in a readers’ survey. It had been a decade since we last conducted a survey and with so many changes in the media landscape and an increase in our distribution area, we thought it was time to ask the community if they are reading The Echo? – What they like about it and what they don’t like? We distributed the survey by e-mail, on our website, and in the paper. We also went with clipboards in hand to farmers’ markets in Creemore and Stayner. We thank all who took a moment to provide feedback, good and bad. Truly, the constructive criticism is just as welcome as the support and encouragement.

In total we received 350 responses 132 (38 per cent) from Creemore, 86 (25 per cent) from Stayner and 30 (nine per cent) from Nottawa, and smaller numbers from other communities which revealed the following:

Ninety-two per cent of respondents said they read The Echo weekly, with the top three sections being:

• 93 per cent saying they usually read the news,

• 81 per cent reading features about local people and businesses and;

• 80 per cent reading the community calendar.

Respondents regularly noted that they read the paper cover to cover and like all of the sections of the paper.

When asked, how important is The Echo to the community? 94.5 cent ranked the importance of the newspaper at 8-10.

When asked, how much do you trust The Echo? 91 per cent raking their level of trust between 8-10.

Eighty-seven per cent said they use The Creemore Echo to stay connected to the community and 84.5 per cent said, in the past year, they had contacted a business or attended an event after seeing an advertisement in The Creemore Echo, while 82 per cent said in the past year they had contacted a business or attended an event after reading an article in The Creemore Echo.

This tells us that a significant number of people utilize the local newspaper as a way of staying informed and that it is considered to be trusted source of news and information and an important way to connect the community. It also tells us that it is a reliable tool for businesses and organizations that wish to spread the word about events and services.

In this we feel that we are accomplishing our mission to inform and build community.

As readers know, our expanded distribution into Stayner, New Lowell and Nottawa is part of a pilot project and we are currently crunching the numbers to see if we can continue sending the paper to those households. However, the survey has shown that although people are reading The Echo, they don’t always want to pay for it, so we must find a balance.

It’s not too late to subscribe or send feedback via, or email

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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