Ad blatantly panders to new councillor

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I was so pleased when I read Brent Preston’s letter to The Echo challenging the NIMBYism of the Preserve the Escarpment group’s full-page ads.

I’d been rolling my eyes and trying to ignore the ads for some time, but I agree that “Real Farmers Don’t Sell Tickets” goes a step too far. But then came this week’s full page ad, blatantly pandering to our new councillor.

Before writing this, I thought I should visit the Preserve the Escarpment website. I mean, preserving the escarpment’s a good thing, right? I thought there might be a link to a petition opposing the Ontario Government’s Bill 23. Or perhaps a suggestion to become a member of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. Or maybe a way to donate to the local group raising money to restore and enhance the Mad River. Nope. Just a rant about a flower farm.

I, too, would like to welcome Councillor McArthur (and thank outgoing Councillor Paterson). I suspect the hardest part of the job will be cutting through the noise to focus on what matters.

Simon Heath,


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