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Naturopathic medicine is predicated on harnessing the goodness in natural remedies to help heal the body.
Naturopath Dr. Kate Hunter has been treating people in Creemore for the past year, but any remedies she prescribed to them would have to be sourced outside of the community.
By opening a new dispensary, The Creemore Apothecary, she hopes it will not only make it more convenient for her patients to get the treatments they need, but also make health more attainable, and approachable for all.
Hunter practices in Toronto and Creemore, and will continue to do so but even those who do not see her as patients will now be able to source health related products locally.
Hunter treats a wide variety of health concerns and people can contact her about anything, including hormone imbalance, problems with sleep, fertility, stress, thyroid, ADHD, Autism, concussions and gastro intestinal issues. She does specialize in digestive issues because she embarked on naturopathy as a result of her own struggle with Crohn’s Disease. 
The dispensary will be stocked with supplements, vitamins, superfood teas, superfood powders, medicinal mushrooms, and Hunter’s hand blended teas and tinctures. (A tincture is made by dissolving herbs or mushrooms in alcohol to preserve them and make them more potent.) The liquid and powders can be added to foods and beverages to absorb the medicinal qualities. Herbs that are dried to make tea, is a way of extracting the medicinal benefits in a less potent form.
She will also carry natural skin and body care, soaps and bath products, diffusers and essential oils, jewelry, health books and cards.
“I want it to be a wellness boutique – anything you would need for wellness on the inside and also wellness on the outside, you can find all in one store,” said Hunter.
She said some of the herbs can be used in the bath, where they seep into the skin, absorbing the medicinal qualities from the outside.
Hunter said those already using natural remedies will recognize the all Canadian brands she has sourced, which produce high quality products that are absorbed by the body and are utilized efficiently. For example, Beekeeper’s Naturals makes multi-vitamins in bee form, using all four parts of the hive. The result is as easily accessible source for all vitamins and amino acids that a person needs in the day.
Many are products that she uses personally and in her practice. Hunter said she has a daily ritual of putting a number of powders and tinctures in her morning coffee, which sets her up for the day ahead and also feels like a little bit of self-pampering.
The Creemore Apothecary is located at 146 Mill St., beside the hair salon, Colours of Creemore, which has moved to the north side of the building. Opening day will be Friday, June 26. To start, the apothecary will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Hunter has been posting some of the products and brands she will be carrying on her Instagram page @thecreemoreapothecary. For more information, visit www.thecreemoreapothecary.com.

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