Bylaw amendment imposes controls on cannabis

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Clearview Township passed a zoning bylaw amendment Monday to regulate the growing and processing of cannabis in Clearview Township.
It was the culmination of an investigative process following the passing of an interim control bylaw just over a year ago to prohibit the establishment of new cannabis operations while staff took the time to research the new and controversial crop.
A group of residents called for a moratorium on cannabis production fearing the crop would spread throughout the township, and if unregulated, would result in more facilities like Peace Naturals, which has caused conflict with neighbours who now find themselves living next to what has been developed as a factory, not a farm.
Under the new bylaw cannabis cultivation and/or production is subject to site plan control. The bylaw also aims to protect residents through controls on lot coverage, frontage, setbacks and separation distances, controls on lighting and odour.
Currently, the only properties that are permitted to have cannabis cultivation and production facilities are Peace Naturals and Agripharm, zoned agriculturally related industrial uses. Any new uses of this type would require a zoning bylaw amendment pursuant to the Planning Act, including the holding of a public meeting, along with supporting documentation for compliance with the planning policy documents and supporting studies.
All growing in the agricultural and rural zones must be open air, no hoop houses or greenhouses are allowed unless properly zoned.
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