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The members of the Creemore Horticultural Society are getting excited about the long anticipated opening of the Creemore Village Green. Things are coming together and it is great to see our garden beds in prominent locations in the new community gathering spot.

The Creemore Horticultural Society volunteers responsible for designing the gardens in the Village Green are looking forward to getting our plant material into their permanent homes. Due to safety regulations, the volunteers are not allowed to work in the gardens until all construction equipment is off site. The high heat of summer is also not a good time to be planting, but we hope to start moving plants into the Village Green in September.

In a couple of weeks, volunteers will start preparing some of the plants and shrubs in the beds behind the Library for the move. After we dig out the plants, the roots are thoroughly washed to remove any noxious material, and then potted up in clean, fresh soil, ready to be re-planted into the new gardens. Depending on weather and availability of volunteers, we hope to make a good start on moving plants this fall, the rest will be moved next year.

We are excited that we have bought some new choice peonies which will be available to go into the gardens later this fall. Come October, it will be ‘all hands on deck’ to plant 1,600 assorted narcissus, tulip, allium, camassia bulbs for a spectacular springtime show! The garden volunteers who weekly weed, deadhead, prune, and stake the plants in their temporary beds behind the Library are keen to shift our focus over to maintenance of the Village Green gardens. Over the winter, the team will be sourcing new plants and shrubs for spring installation.

Of course, gardens are never “finished”, but we will do our best to ensure that things will be eye-catching by June.

Gail Cocker,
Creemore Horticultural Society

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