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Clearview Community Church is coordinating a response effort for anyone in need of support.
The church is using their Stayner facility as a depot for supplies provided by the church and those received by donation.
The church is coordinating with staff, congregation and community in establishing priority needs and how to fill them in safe ways. They are prepared to deliver supplies and are working with the local grocery store to coordinate deliveries. They also have a list of people who are ready to run errands, place a phone call, shop, and knock on doors for a quick check-in at a distance, for those in need, whether they are in isolation or are vulnerable. 
“The way we figure desperation can leave disappointment, or desperation can lead to innovation, so we’re trying to innovate and do anything we can,” said campus pastor Clayton Culham.
He said the demand has been low but the church is starting to get more and more calls for assistance as the pandemic stretches on.
Culham said the response to the church’s effort to provide virtual services has been tremendous, reaching almost 17,000 people, an increased in engagement from the 300-350 people who usually attend the weekly service.
“We’re all recognizing the human need for community,” said Culham. “Even though it’s online, there’s still an opportunity to interact from a distance.”
He said people have been sharing photos of themselves while sharing a common experience.
“It’s the best we can do right now,” said Culham. “We don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks.”
The Sunday morning worship and Wednesday night service with music, teaching, and a few announcements, is being broadcast on Facebook Live, Youtube, and is showing on Rogers TV two days afterward. They have content for children and youth as well, and are now starting some virtual small groups to connect people as best as possible and cultivate community. 

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