Clearview candidates face-off at Stayner Q&A

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About 120 people gathered at the Stayner arena Tuesday evening to hear from those running for Clearview council during an all-candidates meeting hosted by the Clearview Chamber of Commerce.

Moderator Shawn Davidson began the meeting by asking Doug Measures, who was uncontested as mayor, to say a few words.

“It was very humbling, believe me, to realize that I was acclaimed,” said Measures.

“We are all neighbours, we all live in the same place called Clearview Township and that’s what we should remember,” he continued. “I’m really hopeful that when you select a council and that councillors remember when they get elected, they serve all of Clearview Township. All of Clearview Township is important. It’s very important to represent your wards as individual councillors, absolutely, however decisions that are made at the council table are relevant to the entire township and I make sure that all of our candidates know that and understand that. It’s very important to understand that you have to work together, you have to build a camaraderie. You can vote any way you wish but you remember, we are at a table where you have to work together and respect each other… We’re going to have a great term because the future is looking great for Clearview.”

Candidates running in the newly defined five wards and for deputy mayor were each given three minutes to make opening remarks before taking questions from the public, which were submitted in advance by e-mail.

Concerns centred around pedestrian and road safety, affordable housing, seniors’ housing, accessibility, support for the businesses and agricultural sector. Preserving the Niagara Escarpment, climate action, transit and the opioid crisis were all raised as issues of concern. The majority of candidates agreed on the current approach to ATV access, a need for more speed limit enforcement, budget forecasting, encouraging public engagement, and voiced support for renovating all, or most of, the six community halls that require accessibility renovations as required by provincial law.


Memorable quotes from Clearview electoral candidates

Candidates for deputy mayor:

Chuck Arrand: “I am a very approachable dude.”

Paul Van Staveren: “Think outside the box. In addition to having the opportunity to get a job, Clearview needs to support those who want to create a job or to start their own business.”

Deborah Bronée: “We are shaping the municipality and the county for the next generation so let’s be open to all the ideas.”

Candidates for Ward 1

Phyllis Dineen: “In Clearview Township everyone has the right to be heard and accepted. We believe in our communities and support our neighbours.”

Laura Dockeray-Perry: “I want to hear from you so I can be here for you.”

Candidates for Ward 2

Robert McArthur: “My goal as your councillor is to earn the respect of every single constituent. I believe there is no issue that us as neighbours and friends cannot find common ground.”

Thom Paterson: “We need a sustainable climate action plan that is well defined, prioritized, and funded to protect our families, farms, jobs, property and from the unprecedented weather events that we are already starting to feel.”

Candidates for Ward 3

Maqsood Dogar: “We should be more business friendly. Yes, we are growing but we have to see what needs are required here and do we have the adequate environment here, or no?”

Richard Paul: “I decided to run for council because I desire to do what I can to improve the township where I was born and raised. I believe it’s time for a younger generation to take an interest in the running of the township and its future.”

John Broderick: “I’m not going to make a lot of promises. I never do.”

Candidates for Ward 4

Dave “Bud” Witzke: “You’re going to have to take me as I am. I’m not going to change much.”

Robert “Moose” Walker: “I am a dedicated, community-minded team player striving to enhance the quality of life for all residents of Clearview Township.”

(Ward 4 candidate Brandon Ward was absent.)

Candidates for Ward 5

Marty Beelen: “My platform is rather simple. I think we need to spend our money carefully. I know many senior citizens on fixed incomes and I know first time homebuyers who are fighting inflation and just cannot afford an increase in taxes.”

Melanie Walters: “Win or lose in this election, you as a community, have granted me a rare opportunity in my life that I am incredibly grateful for.”

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