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During the comment period following the August 10 Public Meeting, The Creemore Community Foundation (the Foundation) and the Build Team for the Village Green project have received numerous e-mails, letters and phone calls, reflecting the public’s deep interest in the Village Green project and strong commitment to the community.
All comments have been carefully considered by the Build Team and shared with PFS Studio, the landscape architectural design firm, and many will be incorporated into the next version of the design.
Positive feedback included five recurring themes:
The design creates a new gathering place in the heart of Creemore; is artistic and timeless; reflects local heritage; creates new pathways to Creemore landmarks (Station on the Green, Market, Log Cabin, Library, Cenotaph); and includes a stage to serve arts activities.
Common suggestions to enhance the design included using more green space and less hardscape to reflect the village setting; using fewer raised beds and larger garden beds; adding more curves instead of angles; adding more shady areas with seating and picnic space; retaining all memorial trees and the two crab apple trees; and keeping the Farmers’ Market in its current location.
In addition to comments, the community submitted many questions. The Build Team submits the following answers.

What will happen to the fountain?

The fountain will remain a key focal point in the Village Green.

Will disabled parking be provided?

Two stalls will remain in the Station on the Green parking lot.

What community groups have been consulted in the design process?

The Build Team invited seven community groups to participate in two meetings led by Jennifer Nagai of PFS Studio. Preliminary designs were presented and the feedback was used to refine the plans. Members of the BIA, Creemore Horticultural Society, Creemore Legion, Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society, Station on the Green, Farmers’ Market, and Log Cabin attended these meetings.
In addition, businesses directly impacted by the redesign including Foodland and the Bank Café, have been consulted. Clearview Councillor Thom Paterson has been actively engaged throughout the planning process.

What will happen to the crab apple (climbing) tree, memorial trees, the Christmas Tree, and the horticultural garden plants?

All of these trees have been identified and will be preserved where feasible. Unfortunately, a professional arborist identified the Christmas tree as very unhealthy because the lights have remained on the tree year-round since it was planted in 2011. A new tree will be planted for future Christmases.

This fall, every plant, shrub, and moveable tree in the approximately 4,500 square feet of existing Horticultural Gardens will be moved to customized structures behind the Library. When the Village Green beds are ready for planting, all plant materials will be moved back. The Foundation is covering these costs.

Why is the stage placed on the Mill Street side of the Village Green?

This stage location was chosen to make it a focal point for group gatherings and to facilitate the expansion of crowds onto Mill Street during special events. Enhanced activity here will promote and support downtown activities and businesses. This location will avoid conflicts with the contemplative space located in the east portion of the Green.

Why must the TD Bank building be removed?

Retaining the building limits the amount of active green gathering space, a primary interest expressed through the community consultation process.

Will Clearview Township lose tax revenue because the building is removed?

Tax revenue will be lost to Clearview Township and the BIA will lose some fees. However, the Foundation has committed $50,000 per year in staffing costs to support activities in the new green, additional maintenance support for the Creemore Horticultural Society and further program support for various community groups. This amount is eight times the property tax payable to Clearview, creating a net benefit to the community.

Where is additional information available?

Visit to see all documentation on the process to date. E-mail [email protected] to submit questions or comments.
A new design reflecting community feedback will be presented at a public meeting at Station on the Green on Sept. 22 at 2 p.m. for your comments and questions.

– Submitted by the Creemore Village Green Build Team

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