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Efforts continue to support Ukrainian families immigrating to the area. Creemore resident Jim Slattery will be manning the coffee booth at the Creemore Farmers’ Market this Saturday with funds going to support four families now living in the area. The families also accepted three quilts sewn in Ukraine’s colours yellow and blue from Stayner Stitchers Maxine Coutts Reid, Susan MacLeod, Anne Hanna, Berniece Wyse, Bev Scholte and Felicity Kinnear. The Stayner Stitchers are a 15-member quilting group that responds to community needs, and wanted to make the families feel welcome.

Pictured left: Slattery (from left) presented donations to two families at the Station Cafe on Tuesday: Oksana Zaitseva and Ruslan Avad, Natalia Tatarulieva, Oleksandr Tataruliev, Anastasiia Tatarulieva, and Vladyslav Tataruliev, with Creemore resident Lora Prakapenka.

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