Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie
Millsap 3-1-0
Verstegen 3-1-0
Wilson 2-1-1
Fuller 2-2-0
Walker 1-3-0
Cover 0-3-1

Team win-loss-tie
Coulter 6-0-0
Martens 2-2-1       
Bell 3-2-1
Lambert 1-4-0
McDougall 1-5-0    
From the Hack: Some curlers say “it can be a cruel game,” while others state “never say never” and “it’s not over till it’s over!” And so sets the stage, on Monday, Nov. 15, for Team Lambert vs Team Bell. Marian and Al were on the broom and throwing excellent stones, good enough to take Team Lambert into the 8th end with a four-point lead. Michael, vice for Team Bell, turned to the front end, Barb and Ann, and said “we only need four to tie!” Team Bell stacked the front of the house with their first six stones. Al tried to draw into the house, to outcount Team Bell’s stones, but came up short with his final rock. Then, remarkably, Jim made a perfect raise takeout to count six, and secure the win for Team Bell! On the other sheet it was a close match, with Team Martens registering the win against Team McDougall, by only one point. A tie game on Wednesday, Nov. 17, between teams Bell and Martens and another W for Team Coulter. On Monday, Nov. 22, wins for Team Bell and yes, Team Coulter! Thanks to Mary/Jim for the pizza party, last week! And great cookies this week! Good curling everyone!

Team win-loss-tie
Crawford 2-0-2
Millsap 2-2-0
Walker 2-2-0
Verstegen 0-2-2
From the Hack: Great shots made on Sheet 1 this week. They may have been inspired by the televised Olympic Curling Trials. Both Judith and Jazmin were able to squeeze through a wall of guards. The game ended in another tie between Teams Crawford and Verstegen. Sheet 2 was a high scoring win for Team Millsap that kept Team Walker off the scoreboard. Our favourite ice maker was right when he said, “the hammer is over rated!”


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