Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie
Coulter 7-0-1
Bell 4-3-1
Martens 3-3-2       
Lambert 2-6-0
McDougall  2-6-0    
From the Hack: This past Monday, Teams Coulter and Lambert won easily over Teams Bell and Martens, respectively. On Wednesday, Team Coulter had the bye, and Teams Bell and Martens secured wins. After two round robins of play complete, it appears that Team Coulter has set a high standard with excellent shooting and rock placement from Linda, Marty, Liz and Ron. The chances of any other team catching up is becoming increasingly remote. Now, the challenge is on to see which team can finish in second place! Good curling everyone!

Team win-loss-tie
Millsap 3-2-0
Walker 3-2-0
Crawford 2-1-2
Verstegen 0-3-2
From the Hack: A back and forth game for Teams Millsap and Crawford. In the eight end, the house was full, with 6 rocks on the Tim Hortons donut. A tricky final shot for Judith was unsuccessful. Just for fun, a mulligan was given, but Team Millsap took the win. This week there were two new spares on Sheet 2 who brought lots of experience and knowledge. After being ‘blanked‘ last week, Team Walker was happy for the win over Team Verstegen.

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