Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie
Millsap 4-2-0
Verstegen 4-2-0
Fuller 4-2-0
Wilson 2-3-1
Walker 2-4-0
Cober 1-4-1
From the Hack: Stay tuned! It’s a close race for first, with only two weeks left on the schedule for this draw. Who will come out on top?
If you are  interested in curling in Tuesday night men’s league, there is still time to join. We will be starting a new schedule Jan 4. Please contact for more info. 

Team win-loss-tie
Walker 4-2-0
Millsap 3-3-0
Crawford 2-2-2
Verstegen 0-4-2
From the Hack: Monday’s blustery weather did not keep the curlers away. On Sheet 1, a two-point lead for Team Verstegen was taken away when Ann closed with a five-ender. Great sportsmanship on Sheet 2 with Heather giving coaching advice to the opposing team’s rookie skip and vice. A win for Team Walker puts them in first place.

Team win-loss-tie
Coulter 9-0-1
Bell 5-4-1
Martens 4-3-2
Lambert 2-7-0
McDougall 2-8-0
From the Hack: On Monday, Team Coulter beat Team McDougall, and Team Martens relied on excellent shot-making from Howard and Heather to secure a victory over Team Bell. On Wednesday, Team Coulter changed tactics and called on Marty to skip the game vs Team Lambert. With the win, and seeing how well Marty played, Ron commented “Marty is ready to take on a skip’s responsibilities!”
Team Bell picked up their fifth W vs Team McDougall. Good curling everyone!

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