Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Coulter 3-0 -1

Loranger 2-1-1

Martens 2-2-0

McDougall 1-3-0

Bell 1-3-0

From the Hack: These are the standings as of Monday, 14 Nov. The first round robin is complete with Team Coulter securing the top spot on the chart. As the other teams warm up to play in the second round, the question will be: “can they hold on to their slight lead?” Good curling everyone!


Team win-loss

Fuller 1-0

Crawford 0-1

Millsap 0-1

Walker 1-0

Verstegen 0-0

From the Hack: Happy to be back on the ice, the Ladies start the season playing for the McArthur Family Trophy. Team Verstegen on a bye this week, continue their off ice training. On Sheet 1, the Fuller “French connection” had a strong start with Taylor Crawford slowly closing the gap for a close finish. Halfway through the game, there were shouts of ‘oui’, perhaps in preparation for the big Bonspiel in Quebec?? On Sheet 2, Leads Bonnie and Lawrie were consistent in hitting the broom and finding their weight. Team Millsap’s rookie vice Gail, threw well but Team Walker finished with a convincing win. Good curling by all.

Friday Mixed Curling Returns

In Week One of Friday night Mixed Curling, in the early draw, Team Meulendyk  edged Team Cass 6-5 and Team Crevier coasted to an 11-3 win over Team Neelin.

In the late draw, Team Fuller bested Team McArthur 7-6 and Team Vosterman beat Team Kelly 6-4.


Team win-loss-tie

Adam Verstegen 2-0-0

Howard Walker 2-0-0

Gord Fuller 2-0-0

Dave Millsap 1-1-0

Bill Neelin 1-1-0

Phil Cober 0-2-0

Bill Hewitt 0-2-0

Brian Wilson 0-2-0

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