Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team                          W   L    
Loranger                     3    2    
Walker                         3    2      
Martens                      2    3    
Lambert                      2    3

From the Hack: Only two games were played this week due to a scheduled visit from the Stayner club on Wednesday, to participate in an annual club challenge. But what a set of games they were, on Monday! After a short absence, Mary returned in order to provide Team Walker with perfect lead’s stones. The first, a great guard, followed by a rock in the house, buried. Then Karen, drew into the house to set up the stage for the back end. Marty, throwing the vice’s stones, managed all the takeouts requested by Heather. And finally, Heather made superb draw weight shots to score in most of the ends. Team Loranger had no answer to their excellent shot-making and missed out on another win. After practicing on Sunday, Al, the skip of Team Lambert,came prepared, and didn’t disappoint. He made some lovely “brier-type” shots to secure a win over Team Martens. Good curling everyone!

TEAM            Win     Loss    Tie

Baylis             1       0       1
Fuller              1       0       1
Verstegen       1       1       0
Crawford        1       2       0
Walker            1       2       0

From the Hack: A night of Brier inspired shots resulted in two exciting finishes on Monday. On Sheet 1, Teams Walker and Crawford were tied after seven ends. With the hammer going home, Heather threw a spectacular bump and roll that required a measurement. Judith happy with a well deserved win. It was a loud, boisterous game on Sheet 2, with brooms flying! Skips Catherine and Donna managing only single points per end, in spite of the house being full of rocks. A well played game ended in a tie.

Team                               W             L                T                Pts
Sauder                              3             0                0                 30
Taylor                                3             0                0                 30
Vorstermans                    2             1                0                 20
Cass                                   1             1                0                 10
Hewitt                                1            1                 0                 10
Deslippe                            1             2                0                  10
Stephens                           1             2                0                   10
McLoud                              0            2                0                    0
Wilson                                0            3                 0                   0

From the Hack: Winners this week were teams Stephens, Sauder, Deslippe and Taylor.

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