Creemore Farmers’ market set to open May 22

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The Creemore Farmers’ Market is opening May 22, following the COVID-19 protocols put in place last summer.
The market will be located once again in the parking lot at Creemore Springs Brewery each Saturday market. In its capacity as an essential service, the market is limited to farmers and food producers so, like last summer, there won’t be the usual artisans, crafters, entertainment, and socializing that marketers have enjoyed in the past.
Georgie Collis is joining the market team as the newly hired manager. She has been visiting the market since it started in 1997.
Collis has fond memories of the market, having grown up in the area as a weekender.
“I’m excited. For me, it’s so much a part of my heart,” said Collis. “It’s been a very important part of my life. Every year I come through I always go to the market and I always enjoy seeing the market stories and I am very passionate about food in general but for me the market is a really great memory of Creemore and my history here.”
From 1985 to 2016, Collis worked overseas in human resources, training and development, management, and education, before retiring to the area.
As a self described ‘world foodie’ and aspiring chef with a Cordon Bleu Diploma, Collis said she was cooking her way around the world as her work took her to various developing countries.
Collis said she sees the market’s value as an incubator for business, contributor to social and economic growth in the community, provider of employment, food security supporter and contributor to local food production.
She said she has learned that studies show that markets increase foot traffic by 60 per cent, and 60 per cent of visitors also patronized other downtown stores. For every dollar spent at a farmers’ market, there is an additional $3 spent at other businesses in the community.
She said she is committed to making the market interesting and fun, and looks forward to connecting with youth, including new participation from the 4H Club. There will also be opportunities for high school students to get some volunteer hours.
For a list of vendors and information about in-person shopping and online ordering, visit
The market will be located at Creemore Springs Brewery’s south parking lot on the corner of Mill and Edward streets, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. COVID protocols will apply, including masks, hand sanitization, entry screening, and social distancing. There will be controlled entry from the gate on Mill Street.
Find Creemore Farmers’ Market on Facebook and Instagram, for updates, promotions and contests.

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