Developer library donations total $45,000

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Local developers have contributed $45,000 in donations toward the Stayner Library Building Project.

An initial donation of $10,000 from Sunrise Homes developers in 2021 was a surprise but has inspired others to give.

Developers have been working together to secure water supply for projects, particularly in Stayner.

Mayor Doug Measures said as a result they have been coming together for several meetings where he brought greetings.

“I reminded them all that we are building a community together and that there are lots of projects underway in the township outside of this water project and working together means we have to support all the services in our community,” said Measures. “I reminded them that at that time the library would be opening and we would be really happy if they wanted to help the volunteer fundraising committee reach their goal.”

Since then, MacPherson Builders (Stayner) Limited (Nottawasaga Station) has donated $5,000, Cortel Services Ltd. has donated $12,500 (Ashton Meadows), Mrs. Larysa Di Giovanni (Ashton Meadows) has donated $12,500, and most recently Nottawa Limited Partnership (Georgian Communities) has donated $5,000.

The municipality has already invested in a well head on Klondike Park Road and Stayner developers are working together to fund a pipe that will bring water capacity to Stayner to allow development of several projects to proceed.

“A water pipe is a non competition issue. They all need it and they all have to pay for it,” said Measures.

The donations bring the fundraising committee closer to its $250,000 target. The library is still accepting donations from both individuals and companies for this project.

Trina Berlo photo: Clearview Mayor Doug Measures accepts a $5,000 cheque from Georgian Communities manager of development Jay Beech on behalf of Clearview Public Library. Georgian Communities is the latest developer to contribute to the Stayner Library Building Project. The company has purchased the Nottawa development property formerly known as Clearview Developments owned by Gian Del Zotto.

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