Final two halls weigh in on renovation options

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Hall representatives in Dunedin and Duntroon have weighed in saying they wish to proceed with accessibility renovations.
On Monday, Clearview’s manager of parks, culture and recreation Terry Vachon gave the last two of six presentations to council. At this stage, all six halls will be undergoing review by engineers to determine costs and work out other details.
Both Dunedin and Duntroon hall board members indicated they would like to find additional costs savings.
Dunedin is looking for cost-lowering solutions by way of looking for alternatives to a long and costly wheelchair ramp, and to make all washrooms gender neutral, with the lower level washroom being accessible from outside.
Hall volunteers indicated they would be willing to fundraise but were not confident they could meet the 25 per cent mark initially proposed at $130,000, based on an estimated total renovation cost of $520,000.
Duntroon Hall declined an option to demolish the hall and build a new one and is looking for a second opinion on the original accessibility renovation design, looking internally for alternative designs that would meet accessibility requirements.
Along with the entrance renovation, Vachon reported they plan to improve the downstairs fire exit, incorporate an upstairs fire exit, upgrade the upstairs washrooms, replace carpeting, improve drainage and upgrade the furnace.
Hall reps said they are willing to work with the township towards fundraising $25,000 and up to $100,000 by 2025.
The scope of work for all halls includes kitchen upgrades to meet current Fire Code Standards and Dunedin is interested in upgrading to a commercial kitchen.
“Now that all six hall reports are complete I just want to reassure council that we have tight timelines,” said Vachon. “We know that the hall boards want to move, they want this to get going. They are all energetic and so are we so we’re going to be pushing our engineers to get these reports done. We are committed to that process. As well, I want to assure council that we are going to be as frugal as we can with the costs.”
Vachon reported that engineers are already working on costing out renovations for halls in Avening and Brentwood. All engineering reports will go back to council for final approval and then on to tender, if approved.

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