Friends of the Mad River plan for spring work

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There is a plan in place to do some riparian tree planting this spring as a result of a partnership between the Friends of the Mad River volunteer stewardship group and the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA).

Volunteers will be called to Carruthers Park in Avening on May 6 to do some riparian tree planting and in-water habitat restoration.

The Friends of the Mad River are getting closer to the $7,000 August fundraising goal, having raised $4,836. The project at Carruthers Park is estimated to cost about $20,000, though final designs have yet to be completed. The goal is to raise the funds which will be matched by the NVCA, and supported by grants and foundations.

Data collected last year shows the temperature of the Mad River increases between Creemore and Avening impacting the suitability for coldwater fish, such as trout.

The plan is to reverse erosion in key places caused by historic human efforts to straighten the channel with riverside tree planting and ecological restoration. The ecological restoration plans aim to reduce bank erosion and improve habitat by stabilizing onebank at Carruthers Park with boulders, stapling in cut coniferous trees, and vegetation while also establishing small side channels.

Members of the community are encouraged to participate. Details will be published in The Creemore Echo, or get on the Friends of the Mad River email list by contacting Jesse Wright at

Fundraising will continue next fall to support potential larger projects in 2024.

Donations can be made through Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority’s charitable donation page on Use the drop down menu to select funds be applied to the Mad River Enhancement program. Charitable receipts for donations over$25 will be issued. Donations can be made online at www.canadahelps. org/en/charities/nottawasaga-valley- conservation-authority, at the NVCA head office, or by calling 705-424-1479.

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