Georgian Bay Reads postponed to 2021

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In these times of continuing chaos and cancelled events, the organizers of the annual Georgian Bay Reads event took a moment to revisit the ‘why’ and the reason for creating this showcase for Canadian literature. 
One of the original reasons was to create connections and to build bridges between the five library communities around Southern Georgian Bay. A secondary reason is to promote great stories found in the libraries located in the municipalities of Meaford, Collingwood, Clearview, Wasaga Beach and Springwater. The third component is to stage some illustrious literary theatre and to host a party in celebration of the annual Ontario Public Library Week that takes place every October. 
This year’s event has been officially postponed Oct. 23, 2021 when the 12th annual friendly debate will be held in the new Stayner Branch of the Clearview Public Library, with local defender Kieran Rupke.
Looking back and revisiting the book titles chosen by Clearview Public Library’s defenders – Brad Holden (2009), Sara Hershoff (2010), Joyce Smith (2011), Edward Henley (2012), Danielle Ounsey (2013 + 2014), Beth Crawley (2015), Helena Hayward (2016), Julie Pollock (2017), Cecily Ross (2018) and Lesley Martel (2019) – a number of common literary themes have emerged to stand out loud and clear. These stories about dark secrets, mysteries of love and practical strategies to survive this harsh Canadian world have been passionately presented to capacity audiences over the past 11 years.
Please take a second look at our contenders that make up the 55 titles that have engaged “in battle” to be The Favourite Canadian Book in the most entertaining event of the season here in Southern Georgian Bay. We hope to see you next year in person and until then please remember that reading a good book is one of the best ways to stay solitary and safe!

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