Heidi Leverty returns to Creemore gallery space

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Fine art photographer Heidi Leverty is returning to Creemore this month with an expanded gallery space and a new collection of work.
Leverty said the inability to get out in the world during the pandemic opened up a new and unexpected creative portal through her computer and photo editing software.
From July 15 to September 15, Leverty is showing two bodies of work: her abstract documentary work that was shown in Creemore when she showed work at a pop-up gallery at the same location at 151 Mill St., and her new digital work.
In her main portfolio, “Outbox”, she aims at photographs, powerful enough to create public awareness of recycling. The focus is on the transient state between refuse and recycled material. Bales of shredded paper, cartons, boxes of varied hues, plastics of various origins, twisted coils of tin, towers of iron and bales of fine meshed wire, giving way to a collage of life in which we all take part.
When she was forced to put down her camera, Leverty said she took to building patterns digitally, taking one small element and building layers, giving images a three dimensional quality.
She said once upon a time she rebuffed digital photography but has found that she can be really creative in the digital realm. Leverty said she can spend up to 20 hours on an image building up lines and seeing where the image takes her.
Leverty’s work is well known on the national and international scene and for much of her career has been offered through traditional shows and galleries. In 2019, however, Heidi expanded her reach to art enthusiasts by adding a main street, entrepreneurial element. Her initial foray into a personal exhibition took her to the heartland of Simcoe County and proved successful. While she says the pandemic restricted her movements in 2020 she knew she would be returning to an in-person show as soon as it was allowed. 
“Two years ago I dipped my toe in the water in Creemore to reach a wider audience,” says Leverty, “and the decision to engage – one on one – with those interested in my work proved enormously satisfying. I loved the experience of seeing people’s reaction to my work. I’m very excited to be returning.”
Welcoming art enthusiasts and the curious into the gallery space, to interact with her photos and digital creations, gives Leverty a perfect vantage point from which to share her vision and generate sales.  
The ability to transition through mediums has been a constant for Heidi since graduating with honours in Fine Art Photography – Ontario College of Art. From mastering large format field cameras and developing her own prints, to elevating visual images through evolving photographic techniques, Heidi has continuously advanced her talent. Her work generates an experience. It elicits emotion, starts conversations and tempts the audience’s imagination. 
Since 1991, Heidi’s work has been presented regularly in international and domestic galleries, magazines, and private collections. Pieces are included in the collection of the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department and featured at Canadian embassies in Seoul and Madrid. Heidi was chosen to represent Canada at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China. 
The gallery at 151 Mill St. is open Thursdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit www.heidileverty.com.

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