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My name is Helen Prager (neé Carr) born in Glencairn in 1932, daughter of Billy (William) Carr, son of Percy Carr. (My father died of TB in 1937 but grew up on the 7th line of Tosorontio west of Lisle, and is buried in the Glencairn cemetery with his mother Annie Amanda Green, daughter of William Green and Martha Cunningham of Randwick, as well as members of the Geddes family, including my cousin Anson.)
My mother is Ivy Margaret Holt, whose ashes are buried in the grave of my aunt May (Holt), wife of Earl Maxwell, in the Creemore cemetery with their mother, Charlotte Holt Carr. Charlotte was known locally as Granny Carr, who made quilts in Glencairn, was a midwife, and lived in a small house on the Common. Ivy, May, and their brother Jim Holt were the children of Granny and her first husband, Vernon Holt. Granny and Percy Carr’s only child was Edward (Ted) Carr.
Marion Redpath and Russell Carr were my aunt and uncle. The Redpaths once lived around the corner from Granny when she and I lived on the Lisle Road before that property was bought by Base Borden and we moved into the Glen. The Creemore realtor Jean Blackburn was a Carr-Anderson. My son Jerry Prager was a reporter for The Creemore Star in the early-mid 1990s.
I am interested in talking or exchanging letters or e-mails with anyone who has any memory of the Carrs, Redpaths, Geddes, Holts etc. My e-mail address is helenprager@yahoo.ca
Helen (Carr) Prager.

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