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Here is some advice on how to hunker down for the next hundred days and live like a happy hermit according to our old pro, Herald the Library Dragon:
1) Refresh, renew or get your free library card at the Clearview Public Library. Your membership allows you to stock up on all sorts of books from our hoard of written treasures.
2) Listen up. Check out our musical DVD concerts from such sweet crooners like Jimi Hendrix, Def Leppard and Kiss. Rock on with a live performance by your favorite musical artist on your own personal jumbo TV screen.
3) Turn up the beat. Learn a new exercise format like Egyptian Belly Dancing, Tae Bo or Shiva Rea Flow Yoga. Indoor exercise will never be the same again. Instruction is available by DVD as well.
4) If you prefer to get your exercise outside, our audio books are available on Play-Aways or on the Libby App. Listen to a good story or learn a new language on your earpiece as you walk around the block or through the local hills.
5) Craft up a Christmas. If you need visual direction to master a new artistic skill, watch a tutorial on our public computers. If you bring your own laptop into the library, you will also have access to the safest and fastest internet in Simcoe County.
6) Herald advocates for comfort eating. If you are partial to fully loaded hamburgers, havarti sandwiches or anything with honey like Herald is, we have a recipe for you somewhere in our stacks located throughout the three branches of this library system.
Remember we also have reciprocal arrangements with the Springwater, Essa and Base Borden Public and Military Libraries. Between the four library systems/9 branches, there is a ton of cookbooks with ideas for you to try and taste.
7) We all know that the best caves are furnished with towering stacks of books, DVDS and CDs during the annual winter hibernation but in this highly unusual and unpleasant upcoming season, it is imperative to have lots of distraction to keep you safe and in solitude. Maybe watch all five seasons of Vera, and/or seven seasons of Star Trek (the next Generation) and/or 11 seasons of the Big Bang Theory? Perhaps dip into and discover the collected works of Charles Dickens? Or work through the “alphabet series” by Sue Grafton? Please consider visiting your local library branch to find a suitable boredom buster that is appropriate, engaging and suitable for all the ages and attention spans of the people in your bubble.
If you would like to meet Herald the Library Dragon and his handler, he will be at the Creemore Branch during the Santa Claus Parade Day – 2020 Style Event on Saturday, Dec. 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. He will be presiding over tables of gently loved books. At this time, he will be directing patrons to “pick + point” to select a free present from the library (limit of one item per person.)
 From all of us and Herald at the Clearview Public Library, Happy Seasons Readings!


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