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BounceFit has a dedicated following in Creemore. For years, an ever evolving group, going by the name Creemore MissFits, has been bouncing their way to better health, using a unique piece of equipment. Participants wear rebound boots, which have the affect of snapping mini trampolines to each foot, adding a bounce to every jumping jack, kick and anything else that instructor Vickie Brulotte calls for.

Brulotte is a recently certified instructor through Kangoo Canada, and classes have now moved to Station on the Green each Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Brulotte has been bouncing for more than three years. When the former instructor moved, she was motivated to keep classes going.

“I always look forward to my Tuesdays and Thursday nights bouncing,” she said. “For me it’s more of a social thing. I enjoy the energy of the class, we always laugh and joke. I love the group of ladies that bounce with me! When Allison said she was moving and needed someone to take over the class, I was super excited.”

She said she went home and looked into getting certified, and never looked back.

She is newly certified in kangoo power and is taking other workshops to learn new approaches to fitness and training methods.

Kangoo classes offer a high intensity, low impact workout. Brulotte said the exercises tone the whole body while the rebound boots reduce the impact on joints by 80 per cent.

“Our classes are an amazing cardio and core muscle workout,” she said, adding that the boots boost calorie burning by 25 per cent, improve endurance, balance and coordination, and adds and “100 per cent fun!”

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Beginners are always welcome, and several pairs of boots are available to rent. Open to everyone, male and female, 13 and up. Find Creemore MissFits on Facebook and Instagram, and send a direct message to reserve a spot. For the month of October, boot renters can join unlimited for $120 or four classes for $65. Boot owners join unlimited $80 and four classes for $45.

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