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“In rural Ontario, a boy roams the forests, grassy hills, and gravel roads in search of solitude and peace. As he wanders, he dreams of living in the most simple manner possible.”
Thus describes Fisher Monahan, a free-wheeling roving artist embracing the simple life. The musings and doodles of the young man entering Grade 12 at Stayner Collegiate Institute, are now being self-published as a zine entitled Sweetgrass Chronicles, named for the native Ontario plant valued by First Nation cultures for its purifying qualities
The book is a collection of carefully curated journal entries. The first edition begins, “It is nice to live on the fringe of society, to explore and dwell in places that have been neglected by the status quo.”
Monahan said he has been journalling for a long-time but in the winter started drawing in a sketch book.
“Up until now it’s really been about finding the style that works with what I am writing about which is just observations, philosophies, thoughts, ideas,” said Monahan. “It’s mostly just a reflection on my life, essentially.”
He writes on solitude, “I’ve grown accustomed to being alone. There is pleasure in it.”
Monahan said he has always been prone to a certain level of isolation.
“I’ve always been like that but with the pandemic it allowed everybody to spend more time alone and people took that differently. Some people may have liked it and some not but I think I have embraced the solitude it has allowed me to have and I have been able to spend more time reflecting on myself and on the world around me.”
Monahan said the decision to publish the zine has resulted in some new connections with like-minded people and he has been well supported by friends.
Ten copies sold out on the first day so he printed some more. He is currently planning a second and third edition.
Copies are available at Curiosity House Book, The Echo’s Newsstand, and online at www.sweetgrasschronicles.com, for $15 each.

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