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The Ford government professes in their propaganda media pics that they will end “Hallway Healthcare,” but as I discovered recently they do not seem to be including rural communities in this promise.
Last week, I was up at my cottage in the Haliburton area when I developed a minor infection. I phoned the local medical clinic to see if I could get an appointment and was told there were no walk-in clinics in the area and that I should go to the emergency department at the hospital.
Though uncomfortable, this was hardly an emergency, so I phoned my family doctor in Creemore, knowing she’s not in the office on a Friday but hoping another doctor could see me when I returned from the cottage. Unfortunately, the office closes at 1 p.m. on a Friday and I couldn’t make it back in time. So third option, I called the Same Day clinic in Collingwood and got an appointment for Friday afternoon. Perfect!
Following my appointment, the nurse practitioner informed me that this valuable service, which prevented me from taxing the system by going to the Emergency either in Haliburton or Collingwood, was being cut by the Ford government in the New Year. I was shocked.
It makes absolutely no sense to cut the very services that are preventing “Hallway Healthcare,” but clearly that is exactly what’s on this government’s hidden agenda. It’s rather ironic that a large percentage of Conservative voters live in rural areas where there are fewer, and soon to be even fewer, services. So much for cutting taxes without affecting services. It is a lie.
Jan Morrison,

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