Singhampton Sculpture Forest adds new art

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The Singhampton Sculpture Forest never sleeps and thus there is always a new and exciting direction and creation to experiment with.
The forest had a number of visitors last year during mask wearing and part lockdown, who decided that our outdoor exhibits were a safe and entertaining  destination.
Three acres of trails meander through art installations that have accumulated even more eclectic sculptural works within the past several months. Over a hundred objects await.
New additions include a giant worn out shoe made from concrete and a story pole, which has a dozen colourful expressive faces gazing back at the many garden and art enthusiasts who have dropped by.
Wire, wood and concrete have been transformed into over two dozen creations that are nestled into the underbrush.
The tour is self guided through the larger displays, and when the studio/gallery is open, masked visitors can enjoy the many new wood, pottery and multi media pieces exhibited there.
Singhampton Sculpture Forest is open most weekends and weekdays by appointment. Admission is free. For details, visit

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