Stayner arena to get new electric ice resurfacer

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Clearview council has approved the purchase of an electric ice resurfacer for the Stayner arena.

The new machine will replace an 11-year-old propane powered machine and is expected to be in operation for the 2023 winter season.

At the recommendation of staff, council has opted for an Olympia Millennium E battery operated ice resurfacer from Resurfice Corp. in the amount of $138,500. Two lower cost offers for propane units were passed up in favour of the electric one.

In addition to the positive environmental impact, improving the air quality within the arena and improving health and safety conditions for employees are important benefits, said Vachon.

“I think the days of operating fossil fuels within a confined area such as an arena hopefully are being us,” said Vachon.

Vachon said the life expectancy of the unit is 10 years, on par with the propane machines, and it is expected that a fully charged battery will last the full day of resurfacing, and it will be plugged in over night.

The purchase will be funded from development charges and reserves.

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