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Stayner council member John Broderick is holding a town hall meeting next week to explore the idea of creating a BIA for Stayner.
Separate from a Chamber of Commerce, a BIA – business improvement area – is a municipally designated association of businesses and property owners who pay levies to fund the improvement of that specific business district.
Broderick, co-owner of J&R Cycle in Stayner, said as the council rep on the Chamber of Commerce he noticed that much of what was being discussed would fall under the prevue of a BIA.
“I thought if we actually had a BIA in town, it would free up the Chamber to explore other options,” said Broderick, noting that the Stayner Chamber of Commerce has recently changed its name to Clearview Chamber of Commerce.
He said there seemed to be a lot of interest in the idea when he first floated it by members.
“Until we actually put people in a room and put some facts before them it’s going to be really hard to gauge the interest,” he said. “At the end of the day it takes a 52 per cent margin to make anything happen so it’s all up to the businesses.”
He isn’t expecting a vote at the Nov. 14 meeting but he has invited Collingwood BIA general manager Susan Nicholson to attend and provide information about what it has done for Collingwood.
“This is just the first stage of exploring the concept,” said Broderick. “To me, the BIA is more about main street, how the town looks. The Chamber is more about business promotion. To me the two are very separate and distinct things… With a BIA you do have funds and you can do things.”
Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting on Thursday, Nov. 14 at Stayner Arena at 7 p.m.

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