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Thanks to all who responded to our annual subscription drive.
Your support is appreciated, now more than ever.
To all of our readers, advertisers, subscribers, boosters, champions and patrons, we thank you for your commitment to our community newspaper.


Anne and Tony Arrell
Frith and Monte Bail
Lawrence Bell and Jacqueline Raison
Joan and David Black
Gerry Blackburn
Helen Blackburn
Cathy Bongard and David Pitfield
Dr. Lawrence and Ida Boulter
Keith Boulter and Nancy Johnston
David Bracken and Vivienne Bent
Fran Breithaupt
Jill Bridgman and Jen Davidson
Jim Campbell, Rockside Campbell
Huntley Christie and Nancy Woods
Patti and Gordon Cunningham
Margaret Donaldson
Lynn Eakin and David Young
Doug Finley and Emily Arturi
Kate and Rowlie Fleming
Anne and Bruce Godwin
Robert Hansen
Peggy Hutchison
Jim and Tamara Harkness
Anna Hobbs and Byron Beeler
James and Marlene Ironside
Sandra and Murray Lackie
Victoria and Stuart Lazier
Norm and Ginny MacEachern
Frances and Don MacFarlane
John and Amy MacFarlane
Kate and Walt MacNee
Kerrie MacPherson
Bonnie MacPherson and Rick Schubert
Garnett Madill
Barb and Bill Mann
Samantha Margis and Peter Dawe
Christopher Martin
Joanne Maziarczyk
Helen and Jim McCartney
Bob and Marlene McLean
Gayle Millsap
Mary Lou and Ted Morgan
Warren Morrison and Robin HC
Diane Perry and D.J. Wiley
Chris and Susan Portner
Marg and Ernie Purkis
Pam and John Rennie
Corey Royal
Bill and Lorraine Strain
Donna Tranquada
Candace Watson-Hiscox
James and Carolyn Wines
Victoria Winter
Diana Wiszniewska and Bentley
Meg and Greg Young

Inese Bite and Erik Fish
Tony Bryant and Cyd Israel
Joan Eakin and Chris Hoffmann
Mortgage Wellness – Gerard Buckley
Charlie Moses
Cate and Tony Woodward
Heather and Dennis O’Connor


David Archibald
Bob and Erica Armstrong
Sue and Hugh Auld
Joan Ball
Susan Banting
Betty Belfry
Brian and Lynn Bell
Rosemary Bolitho and Linda McBurney
Sylvia Cape and Andre Lemire
Brian and Charlotte Carter
Gail and Tom Caswell
Kristina and Ron Charles
Marilyn and Robert Chenier
Karin Clifford
James Cocker
Wendy Cooper and Jesse Wright
Laurie Copeland and Corey Finklestein
Ron and Linda Coulter
Heather and Peter Cumming
Checker Pictures Inc.
Helen and Joe Feldman
Mary Fisher
Ralph Cochrane and Jennifer Fry
Creemore 100 Mile Store
Huntly Christie and Nancy Woods
Liz Eakins and James Bruer
Pat Elson
Bob and Gail Farquharson
Tracy Ferguson and Trevor Stevenson
Sally and Nick Forrest
Hugh and Emelia Franks
Catherine and Tony Fry
Catherine and Gord Fuller
Dale and Michael Gee
Doug Goodall and Susan Tremblay
Peter Gordon
Darlene Gould
Nancy Groshen and Athir Nuaimi
Basil Guinane and Cecily Ross
Tom Hallman
Yvonne Hamlin
Allen Hibbens
Barb and Peter Halsall
Edward Henley
Jim and Lisa Houston
Julie and Greg Kelk
Tracey Lawko and Peter Blaiklock
Christina Loeffel
Scott LeBlanc and Brenda Lapell
Jade LEcuyer
Shanna and Walter Lucas
John MacDonald
Cheryl MacLaurin and Eric King
Lee and Chuck Magwood
Anna-Lisa and Keith Mantesso
Christine and Ron March
Dawn and James McPherson
Bill and Gail Martens
Denise and Bryon McCay
Bill & Isobel McDougall
Reet McGovern and Jeffery Shearer
Linda and Art McIlwain
Maureen McLeod
Hugh and Becky McLachlin
Angela Mcmonagle
Michelle Meneley
Norah and Doug Mills
Evelyn Minduik
Annette and Jim Moltner
Wade Morrell
Geoffrey and Judi Parker
Laurie and Ellie Pattillo
Jane Pepino
Jennifer Peters
Bill and June Phelps
Anne and Richard Pivnick
Frances and Tim Price
Deirdre Pringle and John Shore
Jeanette and Russell Poste
Doug and Liz Quanbury
Pat and Chris Raible
Jeremy and Carol Ray
Cheryle Reynolds and René Petitjean
Phil Richmond and Hayley Avruskin
John and Barbara Roland
Jenny and Gavin Ross
Joanne and Ernest Rovet
Rolf and Wendy Schellenberg
Greg and Robyn Schneider
Reet McGovern and Jeffery Shearer
Judy Simmonds
Jean A. Smart Memorial Fund
Valley Auto & Tech – Colleen and Garry Stamp
Marie Stephenson
Mary Stewart
Tim and Carrie Stinson
Sharon Streigel
Gail and Doug Todgham
Barbara and Hilton Tudhope
Paul and Charlotte Vorstermans
Sherri Watchorn
Daniel Watkin
Don and Sandra Webster
Margaret Wente and Ian McLeod
Nanci White
Julie and Tom Wilson of Nottawasaga Daylilies
Hilarie Woods and Michael Woods
Marilyn Wright

Andrew Armstrong and Joanna Rotenberg
Marilyn Badger
Bill Blackburn
Birks Bovaird
Bob Charlton
Al Clarke and Jacqueline Tilford
Field Design, Steve Sopinka
Marla Harris
David Kingston
Barbara and Pierre Lemaire
John and Susan Lewarne
Suzanne Lundstrom
Catherine McLachlin
Ron and Una Millman
Simon and Mireille Mortimer
Lola Rasminski and Bob Presner
Brett Robinson and Calum Neish
Gordon and Susan Thompson
Stayner Home Hardware


Louise Adams and Steve Karrys
Glen Allan
Maxine Armagost
Lynda Bloom
Creemore Log Cabin
Joan and Dr. Bill Crysdale
Peter and Paulette Dennis
Shanda Deziel
Karen Gaudino
Peter and Jan Hall
Michelle Hayward
Simon Heath
Sherri Jackson and Glenn Hoag
John and Evelyn Knappett
Rolf Meeser
Val and Norm Nordstrom
Vanessa Peirson
Basia and Paul Regan
Shannon Shoemaker
Deb and Don Smith
Joan and Bob Stark
Joan and William Truax

Margaret Atkinson
Susan Brockwell
Eileen Martin

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