Village Green update: Full speed ahead!

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Keep your eyes on the Village Green as the site is now abuzz with construction activity.
Here are some accomplishments you can expect in the coming weeks:
Epcor is now completing the installation of new power poles on Mill Street enabling the work on multiple other significant infrastructure tasks.
Burying underground services is necessary for a vibrant functional park. Electricity will be connected from the new poles to various locations in the Village Green to enable lighting, power the fountain operations, and support the stage activities. Storm water drainage pipes and associated manholes must be installed and connected to the town’s drainage network for safety and sanitation.
Next, extensive grading will create a level surface for walking, playing, and other activities. Gravel, then screenings, and finally topsoil will be spread throughout the Green to enable green spaces and gardens.
Finally, pouring concrete curbing will enable laying of stone walkways through the Green and the patio in front of the stage.
Erection of the stage in the northwest corner of the site will begin in early September.
The Creemore Community Foundation extends sincere thanks to the approximately 60 donors who contributed over $22,000 toward the purchase of trees and plant materials for the gardens. The trees and some shrubs will be planted this fall with flowering plants going in next spring.

–Submitted by Creemore Community Foundation

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