Vote with interests of youth in mind

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Last Friday I attended the climate strike in Collingwood. I was impressed and moved to see a large number of students from CCI and other youth take part in this demonstration. They carried signs and made speeches asking for action to be taken on climate change. Their message was clear, their futures and those of young people around the planet are at stake. They are demanding that action be taken.
Many of these protesters are too young to vote so they are counting on those who can to do something. In the upcoming election it is of critical importance that those who can vote look closely at the environmental policies of the party they are voting for.
If the party you are considering does not have a clear and far reaching policy on how to address the most pressing issue of our time, climate change, don’t vote for them. The youth of this planet, including your own children and grand children are counting on you.  Don’t let them down, time is running out.
Basil Guinane,

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