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Business and homeowners can now swap their garbage and recycling cart for a smaller size.

The County of Simcoe has agreed to exchange carts to support residents and businesses with capacity and storage needs.

“Our residents deserve a great deal of credit for adapting so well to the new automated cart collection system,” said Warden George Cornell. “Myself, and many of our councillors, have heard firsthand how so many residents have enjoyed the benefitsand conveniences of this new program. While we had some learnings the first few weeks due to the scale of this significant change, we’ve quickly seen the improvements in alleviating labour challenges and ultimately reducing collection misses for our residents. For households that would prefer smaller carts, the county is now pleased to offer a simple and easy way for residents to swap their existing carts for different sizes.”

Recycling and garbage carts are being made available in the smaller sizes, while the organics bin will remain unchanged. Recycling bins can be exchanged for either the 240-litre size (the same as the garbage bin) or the 120-litre size (the same as the organics bin). The garbage bin is also being made available in the 120-litre size.

To submit a cart exchange request, residents and business owners can visit carts.simcoe.ca and go to our ‘Size Swap’ section. This page provides all the relevant information about swapping your recycling and/or garbage cart, including a link to the online portal where you can make your request. For those people unable to access the website, requests can be made through the Contact Centre by calling 1-800- 263-3199.

Prior to requesting a cart exchange, residents should consider the following information:

• Requests can only be made by home/property- owners. Renters should contact their landlords or property managers for assistance;

• The first exchange for each eligible county household is free until July 30;

• For any subsequent exchanges (maximum once annually) or exchange requests made after July 30, there is an administration fee of $50 per cart, unless you are a new homeowner;

• Exchange deliveries will commence in early March and may take several weeks to complete. You will be notified prior to delivery to have your current empty cart(s) at roadside for the exchange to occur;

• Please carefully select the best size for your household. If smaller carts are selected and the location has consistent overflow of materials or overstuffed carts, the location will be required to revert to a larger size cart and the $50 per cart administration fee will be applied. Overflow garbage must have a $3 tag affixed.

One additional recycling and/or organic cart may be requested by contacting Service Simcoe. Some conditions and a $50 per cart administration fee apply.

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