We do not have the right to infect others

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Recent letters sent to The Creemore Echo show varying public attitudes towards dealing with COVID-19.
We all know that some folks do not wear masks while mixing with the public and others do.
Social distancing is a new phrase supported by measured markings for line-up before entering a store. Much is new to all of us, which stimulates both protests and support dividing public attitude. All we need is authority to impose a “mask order mandate” on health grounds to spark words like, “hysteria” and “taking away democratic rights” adding confusion to younger generation who do not properly understand this serious situation.
I am in my nineties and served in WW2, over time I witnessed other wars both human and viral.  Responsible governments have first tried to minimize the deadly results of any pandemic by issuing advice, then if not adhered to, regulation follows.  The intent is the safe well being of the region or nation.  Anything resulting in reduction of infection and possible death is desired.
We now know that wearing a mask is more to protect others than one’s self.  Likewise the sterilization of the hands before and after leaving an object that others will touch can help a lot. It means we have concern for the person following.  If we all gave a little thought, we will get through this pandemic – “We are all in this together.”
Now we come to basic “democratic rights.” It is, they say, my democratic right not to wear a mask.”  In all seriousness one is saying, “I demand the right to infect others.”
Ray Jackson,

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