Where to pee? BIA wants public washrooms open

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The Creemore BIA is pushing once more for the Township of Clearview to open the public washrooms located at Station on the Green.
At their Oct. 13 meeting, members said the responsibility should be taken off the shoulders of the volunteer board that manages Station on the Green, and should be taken on by municipal staff.
The washrooms have been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. But, in the later stages of the re-opening of the economy, tourists began returning to Creemore. With a lack of facilities, Creemore Springs Brewery rep Heather Harding said she has witnessed people peeing in public, specifically at a vacant lot across the street.
Treasurer Sara Hershoff said, “Clearview Township is being negligent by not providing sanitary places for people to use the washrooms when they are visiting this community.”
“I don’t understand why,” said BIA president Laurie Severn. “That’s what governments do. Governments take ownership when small groups of volunteers can’t.”
The BIA directed council rep Doug McKechnie to bring a motion to council for approval to direct staff to create a strategy for opening public washrooms in Creemore.

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