‘Why am I in politics? I have hope’: Munro

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The Simcoe Grey Liberals are fielding Bren Munro as the local candidate.
Although Munro is a first time candidate she has been working behind the scenes having worked as a political analyst at Queen’s Park in the 1990s, and wrote policy for the Ministry of Education. She said she has also worked in other areas of education including programming and administration and currently operates an event planning business at Blue Mountain, which has been put on hold due to the pandemic.
“I love politics, I have been interested in it my whole life,” said Munro. “And why am I in politics? I have hope. I have hope that when people get together they can make things better for each other. I believe in collaboration. I believe a high tide lifts all boats.”
“I am a Liberal through and through. I like the policies, I like what they stand for,” she said.
Munro is placing priority on supporting families, through attainable housing and food security. She said she is hearing from business owners in the community that they are struggling to find and retain staff because of a lack of housing. She supports the Liberal proposal to build 1.4 million new homes for middle and lower class families, and child based subsidies.
Climate change is also a priority, and she supports the Liberals’ carbon tax.
Munro said while knocking on doors she has found that people’s worries about COVID-19 have been somewhat assuaged and that many people are listing the climate crisis as their main concern.
“That’s the number one issue that I am hearing at the doors. They are really concerned because they have children and they want to be responsible. We have so many initiatives on climate,” said Munro, adding that the Liberals want to work with the Green Party, which has done really good research on climate.
Munro also lists public transportation, long-term care oversight and staffing shortages, supports for aging at home, and a national dementia strategy as ways the Liberals are stepping up to support the provinces in their service delivery.

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