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As readers may have read last week, the Alliance Homes Subdivision Plan has changed. The key change is that the phasing of construction has been modified. Specifically, the plan now allows Alliance to build 25 units in phase 1a along Mary Street and 77 units in new phase 1b along County Road 9 before investing in the major infrastructure changes that are required for the entire subdivision. The design of the residences in this part of the subdivision will be similar to the homes in Olde Towne in Collingwood.  The reduction of 11 residences in this part of the subdivision will be balanced by the addition of 11 more units in the planned seniors housing component.

This requested amendment comes nearly 10 years after the Ontario Municipal Board approved the original Plan of Subdivision and allowed Alliance to proceed to develop the land at the corner of County Road 9 and Mary Street. Market conditions appear to be stronger at this time, as Alliance has already sold a number of homes in Phase 1a. A minor variance was recently granted to allow a loft to be built on top of the garages on the single family dwelling lots in Phase 1a, if the purchaser elects that option.

As required by the 2007 Settlement Agreement with Alliance, CARA has been meeting with Alliance to review these proposed changes. The Board concluded both requested changes were reasonable. CARA has continued to communicate with Alliance regarding its plans during the past 10 years through the CARA Liaison Committee. One of the key features of the Settlement Agreement is that both Alliance and CARA will be governed by the principles of “communication, co-operation and common sense”. That has been happening.

A copy of the new Plan of Subdivision can be found on CARA’s recently revised website, We are excited about the improved communications made possible by our new website. We have also entered the 21st Century by providing for online membership renewals and new members applications. Please visit our website for ongoing updates on CARA’s activities.

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