Tim Armour Poem: Just desserts

Six victims of monogamy, Escaped to Lake Temagami. The purpose of this expedition? Relaxation, drinkin’, fishin’. Yet two could not just cut and run. Each took in tow a teenage son. Each year they ventured on this quest To lands the Manitou has blessed With walleye, trout, and northern pike, [...]

Medicinal mushrooms and their magic

Medicinal mushrooms are having a BIG moment right now! We struggle to keep them on the shelf with their new found popularity, but have very historical health benefits. Mushrooms are classified as adaptogens, which is a group of healing herbs and fungi that regulate your body’s systems and bring [...]

NEC fails to protect

Editor: Based on personal experience of building in the area, I read with interest the decision by the Niagara Escarpment Commission to approve the Fennario Meadows Lavender Farm. In service of protecting the natural escarpment environment from the impact of the development, the best the [...]