CARA checks in on developments

CARA held its Annual General Meeting last Saturday at the Station on the Green. This was our first in-person meeting in three years so it was great to see everyone again. We noted with great regret the loss of two directors since the pandemic began: Jim McCartney who had been active for many [...]

Summer skin tips and tricks

This month I want to talk about the importance of caring for your skin, especially with summer sun exposure. It is the body’s largest organ and is a very important organ of elimination for the body. The skin expels toxins via sweat, balances electrolytes (water follows sodium) and is our [...]

Subscription drive continues

The Echo crew will be back at the Creemore Farmers’ Market again this Saturday for our annual subscription drive. Thank you to everyone who has come by to say hello and give us words of encouragement. It is very gratifying to hear that The Creemore Echo has and continues to be an important link [...]

Emotions in the body

How can we measure the emotional toll on the body? Two of my favourite books; When the Body Says No, and The Body Keeps the Score, explore how our emotions affect our physical bodies. Our emotions have to go somewhere and there are significant patterns of where certain emotions coagulate. Dr. [...]