Be aware of radon and lung cancer risks

The air we breathe has an impact on our health every day. In November, the Government of Canada observes Lung Cancer Awareness Month and National Radon Action Month to remind Canadians that both lifestyle choices and environmental factors can affect the health of our lungs. Many Canadians are [...]

Promises, promises…

Editor: The Ford government professes in their propaganda media pics that they will end “Hallway Healthcare,” but as I discovered recently they do not seem to be including rural communities in this promise. Last week, I was up at my cottage in the Haliburton area when I developed a minor [...]

Christmas tree should be central

Editor: Perhaps I should just let sleeping dogs lie because I know we are all pretty fed up with Village Green issues, arguments and debates. Perhaps I am a sucker for old movies, for nostalgia, and for Christmas, but when I was told our village Christmas tree was being taken out because it was [...]