A healthy back-to-school

With the return of the school year, it is no surprise that individuals and families are looking for more natural alternatives that support the body and improve the overall integrity of the immune system. It is especially important to keep our kids healthy this year so that we can prevent [...]

ATV motion must be withdrawn

Editor: It is beyond comprehension why Councillor Lamers of New Lowell at the end of his tenure would risk his good legacy – as well as council’s – by re-introducing a motion in the final stages of a lame duck council to allow ATVs yet again in Creemore and Dunedin. This issue has bitterly [...]

The gift of Creemore Village Green

Editor: On Saturday, August 20, Creemore received two gifts. The first, and most obvious, was the grand opening of our beautiful Creemore Village Green. Four years ago this project was simply a seed of an idea. Last Saturday, the community celebrated the opening of this long-awaited, beautiful [...]

Gesture does not go unappreciated

Editor: A huge shout out from me to Sim, owner/manager of Foodland, for his generosity during Saturday’s Village Green opening. It was a beautiful day and really hot – 850-plus cups of lemonade were given out by three terrific student volunteers and myself, complete with ice and sliced lemons! [...]

Park opening a huge success

Community members filled Creemore Village Green Saturday, celebrating its grand opening. It is wonderful to see the hoarding removed and the park unveiled, restoring the flow to the Station on the Green, the Creemore Farmers’ Market, the Cenotaph and the library. There hasn’t been a day since [...]

The Millie/Wilson/Eyles Legacy

During the early 1800s William Millie an employee of the Bank of England was murdered at the bank while working after hours. His orphaned children William II and Eleanor became wards of a Mr. and Mrs. Williams, whose daughter was married to Rev Osler at Bond Head, Ontario. Rev Osler was a [...]