Time to demand an end to 91 closure

Editor: When communities work together, great things happen. Throughout 2021, we were grateful for the support of residents across Clearview Township and the South Georgian Bay area in our efforts to save County Road 91 and Sideroad 26/27. But while we’ve made great progress, we’ll need our [...]

Road money wasted on other road

Editor: Re: Tardif letter (December 10, 2021) and Wesetvik letter (December 24, 2021) Both writers question Clearview council’s decision not to proceed with speed calming measures recommended by the consultants council hired. Ironically, council and staff approved speed reduction measures but [...]

Plan needed for upgrading roads

Editor: As the presenter to council with reference to the change in road speeds, it was important to me to become informed on as many issues related to this topic as possible. Why? There are too many people who have construed opinion and hearsay as “facts”. What we have learned is that council [...]