A.I. Say Aye?

by Tim Armour On the horns of a dilemma ‘s what we’re balanced on the brink of. Is one place more precarious? No. None that I can think of. Of late I’ve heard a lot of talk on A. I… Boon or Menace? Opinions bouncing back and forth like fuzzy balls in tennis. Some say […]

Wellness: Just breathe

I recently attended a breath work class at The Sanctuary Yoga and Wellness Studio that blew my mind and resulted in emotional freedom. The human nervous system is made up of many types of cells but the predominant ones are called neurons. Neurons use chemical and electrical signals to carry [...]

You delivered, thank you

As we wrap up our 2024 subscription drive we want to express our gratitude to all of our readers and advertisers who keep this independent newspaper going from week to week. We asked for your support and you delivered. In 2025 The Creemore Echo will be turning 25 years old and we hope the [...]

Leave wildflowers for birds and bees

Editor: Let me compliment the Town of Wasaga Beach on the beautiful gardens and green spaces that are throughout the area. My concern is with the cutting of equally beautiful and beneficial natural areas of the town. For example, Veterans Way to Klondike Park Road. The grassed area along either [...]

Creemore Village Green is an oasis

Editor: Every Tuesday morning during the growing season a group of volunteers from the Creemore Horticultural Society works in the public gardens in our village. This morning it was heartwarming to see of people of all ages enjoying the new revitalized space. There were small children from the [...]

Edward Street speeding zone

Editor: I live across from the park on Edward Street. We have lived here for eight years and really enjoy all the families that visit the park. This is a busy strip but instead of it being a ‘safety zone’ some people think it’s a ‘speeding zone.’ Some cars are a blur going by our […]

Home & Garden: Come on in

Welcome to the 2024 spring Home and Garden edition. The Creemore Echo is honoured to share with you this special edition that celebrates growth and nourishment as we mark the changing of the seasons and welcome sun and warmth. This year, we are telling stories that illustrate how our homes can [...]