Entitlement has us in a tough spot

Editor: Welly, well, well, well. Aren’t we in a bit of a fix here in North America. It seems that our sense of entitlement has got us into some escalating COVID-19 numbers. I mean really? What did any of us expect when we thought it was our prerogative to get together over the holiday season? [...]

Sounds of town

Editor: Having moved into town from a house in the woods, Creemore presents me with new sounds. • Bob Ransier’s train whistle invoked the town’s railway past (I wish it were still here!) • Every morning we hear the shuffle of generally reluctant feet heading to school at the end of the street [...]

Welcome, 2021

Yes, 2020 sucked. To this year we say, don’t get a paper cut as we flip the page on the calendar. Good riddance and all that. Although it’s safe to say we are hoping for a little predictability in 2021, we can’t help but see how Creemore has real potential to emerge from the pandemic, […]