Echo launches 2022 subscription drive

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As The Creemore Echo enters into its annual subscription drive, we cannot help but feel a sense of excitement. We are so excited that we will be back at the Creemore Famers’ Market to visit with readers and collect subscriptions. It has been two years since we have been at the market. Having a booth was always the anchor point for our subscription drive and we have missed it.

We are also feeling very grateful to our dedicated readers. Our office has long been considered a hub in the community, a place with a lot of energy with people coming and going all the time, information coming in and going out.

In this day and age, we cannot deny that we are especially fortunate to have an independent newspaper dedicated to news and views in and around Creemore.

Fewer and fewer communities can boast a genuinely local independent that is operated by people who live in the community.

This community makes it all possible.

We strive to make The Creemore Echo as accessible as possible by sending it out in the mail to homes in Creemore and parts of Clearview and Mulmur townships but we also encourage people to take up volunteer subscriptions as a show of support and a way of making sure The Echo is around for the foreseeable future.

We will be at the Creemore Farmers’ Market three consecutive Saturdays beginning May 21 to visit and talk up the newspaper.

In addition to our annual subscription for the low price of $55 per year, which includes an early bird electronic version every Thursday evening, we are also looking for boosters and champions.

A booster, with a contribution of $75 per year, is a keen promoter of community and the newspaper, someone who wants to give a little extra boost of encouragement.

A champion, with a contribution of $100 or more, is someone who champions our mission to share the community’s stories, keep watch over its politicians and celebrate its accomplishments.

A patron receives all the subscriber benefits and offers the highest level of support knowing The Echo provides value to the community well beyond the weekly paper.

We would go so far as to say that there aren’t many people who don’t get something out of The Creemore Echo, whether it’s a quick glance at the community calendar on a Friday night before planning the weekend’s activities, advertising a businesses, expressing an opinion with a letter-to-the-editor, catching up on the latest news, announcing a wedding or birth or at the very least, getting the fire started.

So come see us at the market next week and say hello. As the campaign progresses, boosters, champions and patrons will see their names in the newspaper as a big thanks for the extra support.

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